Light Up Your World

We’re inspired by the smiles and excitement on our customers faces when they see our led shoes, and we’re proud to continue to deliver moments of happiness to our #brightledshoesfamily. Our mission remains to continue to pioneer new products that our customers will love and spread happiness.

What we do

At Bright Led Shoes, we create innovative products using led technology. To date, we have been the leader in led shoes and continue to spread joy and put smiles on faces across the globe.

How we do it

It all started in 2015, when we had the bright idea of combining technology and handcrafted assembly to create our signature led shoes. Our factory continually strives for responsible manufacturing and innovation.

Why we do it

We love seeing the excitement our led shoes bring to others. Whether for a wedding, festival, or gift we are inspired to continue providing this experience and lighting up the faces of customers worldwide.