Our NYC based company was founded in 2016 to provide cool light up shoes for adults and kids. We pride ourselves on our customer service and fast delivery of our led shoes and other led products. We believe our shoes are fun and exciting and wanted to share them with the world. In addition to our shoes we carry a wide range of LED Products including gloves,hats,lamps,and more.

Bright LED Shoes is constantly innovating and creating new led products to continue putting smiles on our customers faces.








Our mission remains to continue to pioneer new products that our customers will love.

Our LED Shoes are loved by many and are the first of its kind to be made for adults and kids. They can be worn for all different types of events including festivals and special occasions. They also make for fun unique gift that leave a lasting impression. Kids go crazy for them and adults can’t contain there joy with our led shoes. Built on the importance of innovation, Bright LED Shoes strives to continue making unique products that bring moments of happiness. The emphasis on quality and customer satisfaction is what makes us different from other brands.