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5 LED Products to wear to your next party

Remember when LA Gear came out with the first led sneakers followed by skechers light up shoes the world went crazy. Every kid in america wanted a pair and it’s popularity was through the roof. This explains why in 2016 led shoes have made a comeback. Shoes that light up a the bottom have always been sought out for by teens and kids but today’s sneakers are also styled for adults. They are exceptionally fun to wear to party and concerts and stand out from the crowd. You can see many celebrity instagram pics wearing led products from hats, glasses, sneakers, and more.

Here are cool led light up products to wear to your next party event


led hat

Can be paired with our light up trainers for a the ultra look

LED Glasses

led glasses
led light glasses in different colors

With all these colors you cant go wrong rocking out to your favorite band or at a night party

LED light Mask

light up dj mask

Made popular in the EDM scene and look amazing at a concert!

LED Shoes for adults

led sneakers for adults
Wearing led sneakers bike

Light up sneakers are back! These soles stay lit for up to 6 hours and have different color combinations. Available in gold and platinum colorways also.

View all our led shoes store products

As you can see there are more and more cool light up products coming out everyday. Bright shoes will always try to carry them in our store if there is something you are looking for feel free to contact us