Buy Led light up shoes for women. Bright shoes carries several different styles and colors of our popular led sneakers. Easily rechargeable via USB and last up to 7 hours. Put on your beautiful pair of women’s LED sneakers, and make a statement for style. Once you’ve equipped your outfit with a pair of our astonishing women’s light up sneakers, you’re bound to turn heads. With various combinations of attractive patterns and LED lights to choose from, sneakers shopping has never been so much fun!

Make a Statement with Womens LED Shoes

Wear them anytime, because our women’s light up shoes are as fashionable as they are versatile no matter who you are. The significance of our these shoes can be seen in the way they complement your outfit AND your surroundings. The most original and beautiful pair are sold by Bright LED shoes in all shapes and forms for women of all tastes!

With our tons of different color changing options, they are easily switched and changeable on the fly. The ability to shift the colors of your new women’s sneakers is exceedingly fast and effortlessly fast solely with the click of a button. That button can be found on the inside of the glow soles.

All of our shoes whether low top women’s or high top contain a USB that allows for easy charging and recharging. Like all batteries, the ones in our collections run out when used for more than 6 hours. Luckily enough, just use our supplied split charger and charge both of your sneakers at the same time for optimum charging and usage.

Our Light Up Colors

Ok ladies, now you’ve got your ideal shoes to match any and all outfits you can possibly think of. With a total of 7 colors to choose from, you’ll be able to wear anything! These colors include:
Not only do they light up, but we currently offer 11 different lighting modes. These include strobe, flashing and more!

Your women’s shoes will be even more complimentary as they light up at the sole with any color and lighting pattern that you choose from. You can even complement the color of your shoes by applying a bright, flashing white light to them. You can do this by using a button set inside of the women’s LED sneakers. Feel free to arrange the different settings to display a solid or multicolor light pattern. We currently carry the best styles for women in the market today, and thousands of users across the world can agree.

Gift Them for your Daughter, Wife, Sister or Friend

With many shapes, colors and sizes, you can easily gift our women’s light up shoes for any gifting celebration. Our items make perfect gifts for close family, best friends and husbands.

Have your children, cousins or friends running around with these on and they’ll instantly become the center of attention as people gleam toward their shoes with instant awe and envy. Your kids, big or small, will literally get a kick off of their low top, high top or trainer LED shoes. They’ll enjoy it, day or night.

Thousands of people, all shapes and sizes, are encouraged to try our shoes, as they go with every single occasion especially at party and festivals. It doesn’t matter whether you’re big or small, male or female, kid or adult, you are bound to make a statement when you wear these shoes. These shoes with light up soles are great for girls and women, and they are very in demand amongst people all over the world.

Ensured Safety When Wearing Your Shoes

They are 100% safe to wear, anywhere. These LED sneakers won’t wreck in the water, so that means you are free to wear them in rain, fog or snow. Just don’t submerge them! If you do, you could severely damage the battery that is located inside of the shoe. Any exterior wetness is fine for your light up shoes. Your sneakers are risk free to put on during any weather or occasion.

Wear these at a party, festival, event or anywhere you wish to make a statement at. Popular among kids to adults, these sneakers are all of the rave no matter where you go. You’ve found the right place if you’re looking for durable, wearable, lightweight neon colorway. With the best prices and free shipping, you can’t go wrong.

Easily Clean Your Sneakers

Not only is is quick and easy, but clean-up can be quick and easy by taking a dampened cloth to wipe away any dirt or impurities on the surface. Machine wash is not advised due to the fact that the sneakers could greatly damage, and the inner battery and wiring would not work if soaked in water. Some of our styles, such as the light up trainers and gold colorway, are not suited for water.

Wear them Anywhere You Go

Lots of people, day by day, wonder exactly where and how they can get a pair of these women’s sneakers in their grasp. Maybe you want it for the next upcoming event such as a party, festival, dance party, celebration and more. Or, maybe you just want some light in your night-life. Well, whatever the case may be, our light up shoes are truly a statement for the better that is conquering the world of today.
Our products are 100% waterproof and seamlessly brighten any surrounding numerous colors. You also have quite a few options to choose from on how you can wear your them. Pick from any of these three sneaker styles:
Low Top
High Top

Your women’s light up sneakers are guaranteed to have high quality insoles for ideal wear and comfortability. Expect to be the focus and center of attention, because these are guaranteed to be a hit wherever you decide to wear them. Make sure you secure your pair of light up new shoes to become an addiction for those around you who are admiring your brand new gear!

On top of that, we also carry a such thing as the simulation shoes. These shoes are effortlessly controlled via an easily downloadable smartphone app, and light colors and patterns are interchangeable within the blink of an eye. Don’t worry about bending down to amp up your just do it with the included remote control.