Led Shoes Manual

What do I do when I first get my shoes?
Sometimes during transit your shoes may run out of battery. Please charge them using the split usb cable. It takes 3 hours to fully charge and they last for about 6 hours. The shoes will blink red when charging and turn solid green when when fully charged. LED Shoes Inqstructions
How do I turn the shoes on?
Right by the ankle in the shoe there is a small charging port that sticks out of the fabric. Turn on your shoes by pressing the red button and his will allow you to cycle through the different light modes.
How do I use the remote?
Please remove the plastic film strip to activate the remote signal. Turn your shoes on using the manual button inside the shoes then you may use the remote. This establishes the connection between the signals.
How many colors do the LED’s light up?
In total 7 colors (red, blue, green, purple, turquoise, yellow and white) and come in two light modes so you can select which ever one you want at the time of wearing. There is the solid color mode and the multi-light setting which flashes all of the colors continuously.
How do I switch between the colors?
Just press the button that turns the LED lights on and it will cycle through the colors.
How does the remote work?
To activate the remote you must pull and remove the thin plastic strip located on the bottom. This will allow the sensors to communicate between the shoe and control. You can cycle through the colors, light modes, and turn off the shoes.
How do I turn the lights off?
To turn the shoes off, you need to hold down the button for 3 seconds and the shoes will turn off.
How do I recharge the shoes?
You can conveniently charge the shoes with the USB charger which is included with your purchase. One end connects to your shoe inside by the ankle and then you can plug the other end in your laptop or other USB socket.
How long do the shoes take to fully charge?
It will be fully charged in 3 hours. The shoes will turn solid green when charged to the max.
How long do the LEDs last?
Typically, on a full charge, the LEDs will remain bright for 6 hours, but they can last much longer, just slightly dimmer.