Little kids

Lighten up your little munchkin’s face with these adorable LED up light shoes! With these seamlessly stitched and carefully padded footwear to ensure maximum flexibility and comfort, your little one’s feet are guaranteed safe and comfy all day long.

The best part is, the light up soles now come embedded with flickering lights of different colors! You only have to choose which light up shoes suits your style and fashion. The kids led sneakers also come in toddler light up shoes sizes. With playful shoes as these, your kid will find it absolutely fun to wear! They would make for an excellent addition to your kid’s attire may it be in special events or in ordinary days. It is definitely a must-have staple!

Bright Wings Kids – The main highlights of this collection are the Bright Wings Led Shoes whose sides are given a stylish wing design. Three Velcro straps will allow for unparalleled ease in sliding the little one’s foot in and out of the shoe with easy size adjustments. They come in 6 great varieties, each of which contain a unique combination of colors from which you can choose from:
Bright Wings Kids Black – The Bright Wings Led Shoes Black is purely black in color with white outlines to highlight the edges of the wings and matching white LED light at the sole.
Bright Wings Kids Blue – Do you want shoes with the color of midnight blue? Bright Wings Led Shoes Kids Blue is just the thing for you! Its beautiful dark blue tint is given a stark contrast with the green-lit sole that will surely make for an eye-catching look. The white wing outlines give an elegant finish.
Bright Wings Kids Green – The Bright Wings Led Shoes Kids Green gives a playful combination of green and black that gives great emphasis to the black-outlined wings. The white-blue LED light at the soles and the black Velcro straps highlight the green wings for a stylish appearance.
Bright Wings Kids Pink – Are you looking for shoes that will suit your little lady? Bright Wings Led Shoes Kids Pink has a very rich pink hue that is very easy on the eyes. The color is highlighted by the bright white-blue lights at the sole for a catchy look. The subtle gray outlines jive perfectly with the dominant pink and blue combinations.
Bright Wings Kids Red – In need of a footwear that will give stark contrast to your kid’s subdued ensemble? Bright Wings LED Shoes Kids Red is the perfect fit for the job! The vibrant red and the white-outlined wings will give a much needed boost to make any attire absolutely striking. Add the bright white-blue lit sole to the mix for a stunningly stylish appearance to your little model.