View our light up shoes for kids, children, boys, and girls with 7 bright colorful lights. Our led shoes easily recharge with a USB cable and make great party sneakers Kids love anything that glows and flickers. Not convinced? Bring home any one of these cool and comfortable LED light up shoes and watch your kid run, jump, and fly with tons of excitement!

These children light up sneakers will make the perfect gift for birthdays, holidays, or any special occasion. It is guaranteed that light up shoes such as these will bring wide smiles to your children’s faces. The best part is, kids led shoes are not only meant for entertainment, but they are made for practical purposes as well! What better way to give your kids quality footwear, than to have flexible comfortable sneakers that can also light up their every step with a bright array of colors? Bright LED shoes has the answers for you.

What led shoes kids style do you carry?

Adorn your kid with gold, metallic shoes with a sole that lights up dark blue. It has a Velcro strap that will make it easier for the munchkin to play to his/her heart’s content without worrying too much about dangling shoelaces. LED Shoes Kids High Top Black is one of the most versatile light up shoes for kids that will go with any outfit. Its sleek black tint and its elegant shape allows it to fit with either formal or casual attire. Even its green LED light appears very pleasing to the eye.

Do you want to instill patriotism in your kid in a fun, and practical fashion? Grab LED Shoes Kids Low Top American that showcases the American spirit with white stars and red-white stripes.

In need of a vividly rich hue that can make a simple outfit go stunning? The kids high top red is just the thing that you need. With a vibrant red color that is complemented by a bright green LED light at the sole, you will surely find this pair of shoes worth buying. Low Top Red is available with blue-white light at the sole.

Do you want to neutralize a colorful fun outfit with a pair of shoes that is plain and minimalist but catchy all the same? LED High Top White is just what you are looking for. It is given a pure white look with shoelaces and a Velcro strap. The sole is lit up with green LED lights that will make it fun to wear.