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If you’re looking for something that’s showy, but not tacky, these classic low top blue LED shoes are a shoe-in. With the classic low top sneaker design and a truly eye catching design, these snazzy light up shoes will have you and your friends seeing stars. With up to seven colors and eleven lighting modes, there are countless ways to express yourself with these LED up light shoes. The LED lights charge via USB cable so you can plug it into your computer or with a wall outlet adapter and you’ll have your light up shoes blue in action for six to nine hours! The lights are also completely waterproof so you don’t have to worry if the court is wet, your friends will be way too busy seeing stars with your new LED up light shoes to block you, and you can make big plays past them all night long.

Need an everyday pair of shoes that still impress your friends? Match your shoes to your outfit every day with these casual blue LED light up shoes! Made of a light, breathable material and a comfortable and stylish design, these comfy light up shoes are made for the man on the go. Featuring seven different colors and up to eleven lighting modes, you’ll always see where you’re going. Plug them into any USB port or wall adapter after your run and they’ll be ready for your next outing. Need to get somewhere while it’s raining? Have no fear, the LED lights are waterproof. Going out on the town at night? These blue light up trainers will let you see where you’re going for up to nine hours. Get ready to paint the town blue.

With a very casual and fashionable design, these casual blue women’s light up shoes are guaranteed to complement any outfit on any day! Made with a comfortable, breathable fabric, these stylish blue LED shoes are not only designed to look cool, but also to be comfortable enough to walk in all day long. The LED lights last up to nine hours on a single charge, and charging them is super easy: just plug them into a USB port. With seven different color to choose from and eleven different lighting modes, you can mix and match the LEDs on your light up shoes to match whatever outfit or accessory you are currently wearing. You won’t even have to worry about walking around in the rain as the lights are completely waterproof. That’s an extra stylish, adaptable pair of shoes to pair up with any casual outfit that you can pair up super easily with a matching accessory. Perfect for everyday use and amazing for those extra trendy outfits!

As any woman knows, it’s hard to look fashionable all the time, especially while working out. It’s never been easier with these blue LED light up trainers. With a blue and white mottled design that matches any workout outfit perfectly, these light up trainers are the perfect complement to a pair of yoga pants and a workout tank top. With seven stylish colors and eleven unique lighting modes, this pair of light up trainers will match any color scheme perfectly. Whether you’re out running or in the gym, you can be sure that these trainers will light up your day, and stay lit for up to nine hours. Finished working out? Just charge them in any USB port and you’ll be good to go for another nine hours. Always look your best, even when you’re not supposed to, with these stylish blue LED light up trainers!

Whether you’re at school or on the playground, these super cool low cut blue light up trainers will make you the coolest kid around. In a comfortable, but cool blue design, these shoes already look really awesome on their own. But just turn on the LED lights under them, and every kid around you will be asking you where you got your shoes. Amaze your friends with the seven different lights and eleven different light modes! Run bright, LED powered circles around all the kids at the park and stomp in puddles without worrying about your shoes because the lights are waterproof. Look cool and feel awesome with these cool low cut sneakers for up to nine hours per charge! You can charge them super easily with any USB port; you can even use the one for your phone. It’s really easy to have a lot of fun with these, just imagine running around in the dark with all your friends. If all of you get a pair of these, it’ll be ten times the fun with all your LED light up shoes lighting up the playground.

If you have a small child who likes bright, colorful things, then they’ll love these blue light up LED shoes! With the classic easy to use straps and an amazing blue winged design, your toddler will love pretending to fly around the playground or kindergarten class with these shiny light up shoes. Any and every toddler likes bright lights, and they will be absolutely entranced by these colorful LED light up shoes. With seven pretty colors and eleven different lighting modes, your little one will think that their shoes are magic! Toddlers love to stomp around in puddles of water, but that’s not an issue for these shoes, as the LED lights are waterproof! After a fun day of playing and running around, the shoes are easy to charge in any USB port, so while your toddler is taking a nap, you can have their “magical LED up light shoes” ready for hours of fun!